Blood Donation 2023:
Give Blood, Save Lives!

Doing social work for others is one of the work cultures in Tropical Group Bali. And to implement this, Tropical Group Bali is committed to contributing to the well-being of communities and society. One of our social contribution activities is blood donation which is regularly held twice in a year in Tropical Group Bali’s head office, located in South Kuta. This year, the blood donation event was held on 4 August 2023 and 7 December 2023.

Sharing is Caring

We often hear sharing is caring. Blood donation is such a simple thing to do, however, it gives a huge impact, not only for the society but also for the blood donor. Blood  donation is the best donation that costs nothing but has value more than money. This kind of activity could raise awareness that we can save lives and improve the community health by only donating our blood.

As a blood donor, we do not only feel the joy of saving other’s lives, but we can also get health benefits such as reducing the risk of heart disease and cancer. In this activity, we can also check our general health condition. As an eligible donor, we must be in good physical condition. Before donating our blood, we need to make sure that we are tested negative from infectious diseases such as HIV, Hepatitis, etc. Having these tests negative can indicate that we are in good health condition.

The latest blood donation event on 7 December 2023 was held as one of a series of road to the 13th anniversary of Tropical Group Bali. Many employees from all outlets were enthusiastic to participate in this event. By working together with PMI (Palang Merah Indonesia) or Indonesian Red Cross, BWF pharmacy, and Queen Optical, the blood donors could also get free medical check up such as cholesterol test, blood sugar test, and uric acid test. The participants could also get eye examinations for free. With all collaborating partners and participants, this blood donation event was a success. And thanks to all the participants who willingly donated their blood in this volunteerism event, 84 blood bags were able to be collected. These blood donations will be used for patients in need of surgery, cancer treatment, and transfusions for blood loss from traumatic injuries. As a part of the community, Tropical Group Bali is committed to making the local society better. This blood donation event is only one of many corporate social responsibility programs in Tropical Group Bali that we hope can make a positive contribution to society and the environment.

We believe that donating blood is the most precious gift anyone can give, as it’s a small action that can help save others’ lives. Real bliss is not found in material possessions but in the intangible acts of love, fellowship, selfless service, and sacrifice. And what better way to experience this bliss than by donating blood? It may seem like a small gesture, but the thought of potentially saving someone’s life is immeasurably fulfilling. Hopefully, more and more employees at Tropical Group Bali and participants will take part in this meaningful blood donation event next year.