Tropical Group’s 13th Anniversary Celebration

Every successful company, there comes a momentous occasion to celebrate the company anniversary, especially for Tropical Group Bali. Company anniversary is a time to reflect on the incredible milestones achieved and express gratitude for the growth and success experienced along the way. The celebration of the 13th anniversary of Tropical Group Bali was held on Friday morning, 15 December 2023 at Big Garden Corner. This celebration was attended by directors, managers, as well as employees. Many events were held for the celebration, including zumba, releasing doves, Balinese traditional dances, and also anniversary cake-cutting ceremony by directors and managers. With the theme “Go Racing Raise Together”, this anniversary celebration was the first anniversary celebration held after the pandemic. It was the best time to appreciate all the team who had been working hard during the pandemic, especially for a hospitality and tourism business like Tropical Group Bali.

The anniversary of Tropical Group Bali is not just a date on the calendar. It is an opportunity to recognize and appreciate the hard work, dedication, and commitment of everyone involved. It is a chance to honor the collective efforts that have propelled the company
forward. That is why, this anniversary celebration was also a time to give an award for employees, such as Honest Reward, The Most Discipline Employee, The Best Operation Manager, The Best Culinary Chef, The Best Outlet of Restaurant Category, and The Best
Outlet of Villa Category.

A series of road to anniversary activities were also held before the celebration, including sports competitions, blood donations, and corporate social responsibility. Two sports competitions were held on 23-25 November 2023, table tennis and futsal. Many employees from all outlets participated in these competitions. The next road to anniversary activity was blood donation which was held on 7 December 2023. By collaborating with Palang Merah Indonesia (PMI) or Indonesian Cross Red, BWF pharmacy, and Queen Optical, 84 blood bags were well received. As a part of the community, Tropical Group Bali also celebrated the anniversary by having corporate social responsibility activity on 8 December 2023. This event was held as a company’s commitment to providing social welfare to employees and employees’ families who were in need.

The celebration of the 13th anniversary was a great moment for all teams from all outlets of Tropical Group Bali to embrace the challenge in the future. The Corporate General Manager, I Wayan Sugita hoped that the company would always run well, achieving all targets and maximum profit, and most importantly growing together. The director, I Wayan Bendiasa also stated that Tropical Group Bali would not be successful without involving the role of all team, including the owner, the management, and all employees who always keep the spirit of unity and enthusiasm, also who always move in a positive direction. He also wished that Tropical Group Bali could have more celebrations in the future.

As Tropical Group Bali celebrated its 13th anniversary, it was the moment to acknowledge how far the company had come. From humble beginnings to remarkable achievements, each step has contributed to the company’s growth and success. This anniversary served as a reminder that together Tropical Group Bali can overcome any challenge and reach new heights. Cheers to many more years of success!